Freelance Writer

  • 1 Day Per Week for 6 Months (or equivalent)

  • £250 Day Rate

  • Remote (UK or EEA only)

  • Paid Trial Day (instead of writing test)


Goddess of the Hunt is a narrative puzzle game about a young Artemis who has her mind set on becoming goddess of the hunt. You'll puzzle through challenges as she tries to prove herself to the hostile powers-that-be in Olympus.

We are currently building a prototype to pitch for further funding and could use some help.

What you'll be doing

  • Review current story and structure

  • Write and iterate on scenes for the prototype

  • Create a new outline for the main story arc

  • Write scattered scenes for early, middle, and late game

Optionally, you can also

  • Integrate story into game (using Ink)

  • Propose gameplay features to compliment the story

  • Propose storytelling tools or mechanics to enhance the story

  • Propose feedback and ideas to any part of the game

It'd be great if you had

  • Familiarity with experiences of gender-based gatekeeping in the workplace

  • Knowledge of Greek mythology

  • Interest in action puzzle games (ie. Tetris, Puzzle Bobble)

  • Enthusiasm for discussing and answering writing and narrative design questions from a particular programmer named Moo who is trying to narrative design this game but isn’t quite sure how things are going

If this sounds like you please, send whatever you have (CV, portfolio) to with the following subject line:

Freelance Writer