Freelance 2D Artist

  • 1 Day Per Week for 6 Months (or equivalent)

  • £250 Day Rate

  • Remote  (UK or EEA only)

  • Paid Test (If required)


Goddess of the Hunt is a narrative puzzle game about a young Artemis who has her mind set on becoming goddess of the hunt. You'll puzzle through challenges as she tries to prove herself to the hostile powers-that-be in Olympus.

We are currently building a prototype to pitch for further funding and could use some help.

What you'll be doing

  • Establish the art style(s) for various aspects of the game

  • Draw 512x512 images of animals and mythical creatures

  • Draw full screen backgrounds

  • Draw full body character portraits

  • Draw a themed UI elements

Optionally, you can also

  • Mock up animations for gameplay actions

  • Propose methods of improving the story with art

  • Propose feedback and ideas to any part of the game

It'd be great if you had

  • Comfort with cozy and/or recogniseable art styles

  • Knowledge of Greek mythology

  • Interest in action puzzle games (ie. Tetris, Puzzle Bobble)

If this sounds like you please, send whatever you have (CV, portfolio) to with the following subject line:

Freelance 2D Artist