Making games with a little heart

I’m sure I’ll rewrite this to be more professional in the future, but right now, Team Artichoke is a team of me so I’ll just write in my normal rambling way about what I’m hoping to do here.

When I talk about “a little heart” I mean it both in the games we make and the way we make them. To me, that means telling stories about empathy, kindness, and community. The way I think about it, my goal is to make games that just might make someone somewhere feel a little bit less alone in the world, whether it be through playing with other people, the themes inside the games themselves, or the supportive communities they attract.

Just as important, though, is how the games are made. I'm still figuring things out and will be for a long time, but I'm a strong believer in diversity, work-life balance, and financial transparency. I also hope to find the right balance between having a space where everyone feels comfortable expressing their opinions about any part of the game while having the trust in their teammates to choose the right ideas in their area of expertise.

And if you want to follow along, I’ll be posting my various ponderings on @oneofmoo, while I ponder if I should make a company twitter account or not.

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